I try to imagine how people choose what they wear when they are getting on a plane. They would probably not choose to offend anyone with their choices of clothing. And they may think twice about an extra size bag or bulky coat. They are careful to stay in their space, because none of us want to be touching someone we don't know for any length of time. And many people are aware of arm rest etiquette, sharing is even possible.

We carefully keep our drinks and snacks in place. And although there are some unruly characters now and then, most flights are quiet.


Then can someone please explain why women and men feel the need to slather themselves in perfume, body lotion or anything equally strong smelling before getting on a flight?  As a sufferer of allergies, it's like an assault. 

i guess I can only be glad that I don't have pet allergies given the multiple dogs and cats on the flight. 

In fact I think I will go move to the seat next to the puppy and hope for the best. 

AuthorJeannette Kocsis