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We're connected with each other. We spend time talking and socializing just as we always have. But the way we communicate is changing. We are relying on social networks, text messages andchat instead of phone calls. Not surprising, when we see someone we haven't talked to in years, we are already caught up and there's little to say.  



Our smartphones and mobile devices are extensions of ourselves. We sleep with them, and keep them by our sides at all times. New generations will rely on devices instead of computers. but we still react to what brands tell us - through billboards, TV commercials and the mail we receive. What has changed is how we interact and engage.


opportunities for marketers and consumers

Brands that understand the way people behave will be able to be relevant. And relevancy is critical in today's world. We ignore what we didn't ask for, And we get annoyed at things that don't make sense. Consumers love brands that know them. Plain and simple. Brands need to put the pieces together.


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