Don't you love it when you see something on tv or a movie, or read in a book, something that you know could never happen? I am not talking about writing fiction. But when you are writing a book and describing something, you should know what you are talking about.

I was reading the latest novel recently, where the villain is going through airport security and puts his collection of deadly stilettos in a canvas bag and puts them through the X-ray machine. He very carefully puts some kind of electrician tape over the metal staples holding together his knife wound, but the stilettos sail through. I, of course, got busted last week for a small tube of toothpaste that slipped out of my liquids bag. Oh, and he bought his ticket at the airport, which usually means getting the full loving treatment from security, but not in this book.

Watching a cop TV Show last night, and the detective shows his badge and walks around security with his gun. Uh huh. I just asked if I could skip the scanner because I was running late and got the full pat down.

Just once, can the villain get caught because he left his water bottle in his carry on? Or maybe got stuck behind an old lady in a walker with 3 bags and sense of entitlement (and promptly knocks her down)? Or fell down in a dead faint when the person in front of him takes off their shoes?

AuthorJeannette Kocsis